November 25, 2008

Hey, Look! I'm Weblogging Now!

I try to be a good Father, keep on top of what my kids are up to. But it's just so HARD. I mean, there are billions of you. And you've got so much going on. And you don't exactly make it easy for me - most of you don't check in as often as you should.

So a while ago the Missus suggested I start reading your weblogs. She said that you guys pretty much put everything I need to know out there on the interweb. I figured it couldn't hurt - I'm not all that 'computer saavy', but I at least know how to use the Google. So whenever I wanted to check up on one of you, I'd put your name in the Google and find your weblog.

After a while, I had an idea that maybe I should start a weblog, too! I mean, it seems like you guys are always wondering where I'm at and stuff. Surprisingly, a lot of you don't even think I exist!

I guess that's kinda my fault. Sometimes I just get so busy trying to run the Universe that I forget to just sit down and talk to you. And when I do talk to you, I usually just assume you're listening - turns out, you're usually not.

So I'm thinking maybe a good solution would be for me to start my own weblog! What do you think?