December 22, 2008

Does Everybody Have Their Buddy?

This past weekend was one of our highly successful Visitor's Weekends. It's kind of like a foreign exchange program - every now and then we have a weekend where we welcome souls from the other Heavens or Hell here, and a few of us get to go visit out there. Everyone gets assigned a buddy when they visit to be their kind of personal tour guide, but we do a lot of stuff together as a group. Guaranteed good times for all.

Well, this weekend we took a trip to the Pearlies so all of our visitors could meet Pete. He loves it when we have visitors so he can show them how good he is at juggling. Anyway, as we were getting ready to leave I asked if everybody had their buddy.

Turns out, somebody had lost track of their buddy (three guesses who). We found him not far away, making cloud angels. Which was a little ironic, because he got sent to Hell for being an aethiest. But he was a nice guy, and it really seemed like he enjoyed his weekend in Heaven, and that makes me glad. I almost feel bad that I had to send him back down. Almost.