December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolutions!

This morning I went around and asked everybody to write down one or two of their New Year's Resolutions so I could post them on my blog. Here's what I got.

Pete says:
In 2009 I resolve to master the art of juggling fire. No, chainsaws. NO, chainsaws on fire.

Satan says:
In 2009 I resolve to get our damn towel warmers back.  And to never loan any of my sporting equipment to God again.

Moses says:
In 2009 I resolve to stop being such a moron.

And finally, in 2009 I, God, resolve to be a bit more diligent in making sure I'm sending the right blessings to the right people even when they have shockingly similar names.  Sorry, Joan and John Cusack!  It won't happen again!