December 1, 2008

They Just Don't Make Romantic Comedies Like They Used To

The Missus and I were totally in the mood to just veg out last night, so I grabbed a bag of Cheetos and we just chilled out on the couch and had a movie night. It was the Missus' turn to pick the flick, and she popped in a little gem called 'Forget Paris.'

Now, I'm not going to lie to you. I love that movie. Remember the part where Billy Crystal goes all crazy and tries to throw Kareem Abdul Jabar out of the game? Classic! And remember when Debra Winger got the bird stuck to her head? Priceless! They just don't make them that good anymore.

Spending an evening with my lovely wife, my favorite snack, and Billy Crystal's comedic genius - it was the perfect night, until the Missus started harping on me about leaving orange fingerprints all over her couch cushions.