February 22, 2009

Meg Ryan Walks Like A Duck

I'm just saying what everybody else is thinking.  Trust me.

Meg Ryan aside, I love celebrities.  I have a subscription to 'People' magazine, and finding it in my mailbox is the highlight of my week.  Celebrities are just so much more interesting than the rest of you.  And better looking.

Plus, I really like how it keeps me feeling informed about the goings-on around the world.  Catching up on the latest couples' gossip, fashion flubs, and baby bumps gives me an overwhelming sense of pride about this world I created.  Nothing can be all that bad as long as these beautiful people are getting hooked up, dressed up, and knocked up.

It's just so much FUN to watch rich people do naughty things!

That's why I'm so excited that the Oscars are tonight!  And, really, it doesn't matter who wins or loses.  It's all about how they fill out that Oscar de la Renta.  I did a little omniscing to see what everybody would wear on the red carpet tonight and caught a glimpse of Freida Pinto.... OMMe.  Every time I look at her I think, "Man, I done GOOOOOOOOOD..."


Steven said...

Yes sir.. you did a very nice job.

Supriya said...

she is quite good and good job on the movie she was in..excellent!