March 16, 2009

I May Be The Head Of The Universe, But The Missus Is The Neck

You know, as much as I love the Missus, sometimes I just don't understand her. For example, I will never understand why she likes cats. For another example, I will never understand why she is so opposed to me having a motorcycle.

I mean, seriously. She knows I can't get hurt. It's not like there are any motorcycle gangs for me to get caught up in. And I told her if she had a problem with the exhaust I could make it spit out anything - I'd be willing to drive a motorcycle that expelled baby laughter instead of carbon monoxide. But she keeps saying no, just because she doesn't like "the idea of a motorcycle."

Huh?! What the crap does that even mean?!


Ryan said...

She won't let you have a motorcycle?!

God without a motorcycle is like the Old Testament without selling a daughter into slavery.

Michelle said...

Just get one and don't tell her.

Cat said...

If she's God's missus, she probably knows a bit of everything too. She'll find out.