June 1, 2009

Sometimes Things Just Work Out

When I got to work this morning there was a card on my desk. On the front was a picture of a smiling sunflower and a rainbow. Inside it said, "Hey, God! We just wanted to do a little something to say 'Thank You' for everything you do around here! Love, The Miracles Department."

That was so thoughtful. The timing was absolutely perfect, because as I was arriving at the office my Fruit Stripe was losing flavor and I wanted to throw it out, so I really needed something I could wrap it up in so it wouldn't gunk up the side of my rubbish bin. That card was perfect!

Thanks, guys.


Wendy said...


Belle Epoque said...


Dear God,

Sometimes, you seem downright boorish.


Dept. of Human Resources

(p.s. Every deity is replaceable. Even Thou. Don't get complacent. Be warned.)