July 23, 2009

Okay, Listen.

Ever since the God Pod Preview, I've been getting emails along the lines of, "Dude, what's with your voice?" or "Why do you sound like a robot?"

Firstly, that's hurtful and unnecessary.

Secondly, obviously my voice has been altered for the God Pod. I do not really sound like that. I DO NOT REALLY SOUND LIKE THAT. It was a necessary evil. See, if I put my real voice out on the interweb, anybody could hear it. And if you hear the voice of Me when you're not worthy... well, to be frank, bad stuff happens.

It's kind of like... remember in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', at the end, when they're tied to the pole and Indy's all, "Close your eyes! Don't look at it! Don't look at it!" and then the Nazi's face turns to clay and melts off?

Well, that's pretty much what would happen to you. Only to your soul. Your soul would metaphorically turn to Nazi clay and melt off. And that just makes a great big sticky mess. So, because I hate cleaning up after myself (just ask the Missus), I got one of those voice-altering microphones to use for the God Pod. You're welcome.

Now stop making fun of my robot voice. Even though it does sound awesomely ridiculous. After hearing it the first time, Pete wanted to alter his voice, too, but I told him no.