September 19, 2009


Voting for the God's Blog Ultimate Audience Participation Awesome Essay Contest Spectacular is now closed, and we have a winner!

But first, I have a major dilemma. I forgot to forget mine and the Missus' anniversary, so now she knows that I'm not actually forgetful. Which means from now on I have to mention every anniversary and birthday ON THE RIGHT DAY.

This sucks. I'm no good at doing sweet or romantic or brownie-point-earning things when I'm actually supposed to, but I'm really good at doing something spectacularly over-the-top as an apology a few days later. I mean, extraordinarily good. I'm a big gesture kind of guy, but a big gesture on our actual anniversary is just so cliche and lame.


Anywho, I guess I can push aside my bitterness and announce the winner of the Essay Spectacular.

The winner is...

ESSAY #2!!! Written by Kathy!!!

Congratulations! To claim your prize from the Great Cosmic Grab Bag, leave a comment with a number between 1 and 237.

In second place: Essay #5 by Justin!
In third place: Essay #1 by Valerie!
And, in "Thanks for Trying" place: Essay # 3 by Kenna and #4 by Nick!

Thanks to everybody who entered and voted. Now go worship me.


Helen said...

Yaaayy! Kathy won!

katdish said...


And I want to thank everyone who took the time to vote. Well, everyone that voted for me that is...

Kidding, of course. They were all good. I actually liked #3.

Valerie said...

Congrats Kathy!!! I hope you get something extra good for your prize!!! Now I can stop pretending you are my arch nemisis... Thank God!!

nollyposh said...

Falling to my knees right now X;-)