December 4, 2008


Hey, help me out. Pete and I need ideas for a really good prank we can play on Moses.

We used to just steal prank ideas from "The Office" because Moses never watched the show. I'll tell you what - when he opened his closet and saw his precious staff floating in a Jell-O mold, I nearly peed my robe I laughed so hard. His face! Priceless!

And the day Pete showed up dressed just like Moses, mimicking his every move, was probably the third-greatest day of my life. No, fourth. No, third. Pete practiced for a week to get all of Moses' little mannerisms right, and when he started telling this story about floating down a river in a basket as a child I had to literally bite my tongue to keep from laughing.

But then somebody stupidly mentioned "The Office" when Moses was within earshot, so he figured out our game. Now we need something really good, that he'll never see coming. If we can't think of anything really good, maybe I'll revisit the burning bush joke. He still hasn't figured that one out.