February 2, 2009

Little Known Fact

Most people do not realize that even though I'm God, there are still certain Rules of the Universe that I have to follow. I can't just make whatever I want to happen, happen, if it goes against these Rules. It's a nuisance, yes, but it's also what keeps the Earth from barrelling headlong into the Omega B12 Galaxy (full of toxic gasses but packed with nutrition!).

For example, I found out today that this year I'm contractually obliged to give those of you in the U.S. of A. six more weeks of winter, because Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. So don't blame me!


Bags said...

This Punxutawney Phil thing is more gay than the love child of Rosie O'Donnell and Richard Simmons.

Kat said...

Send Washington, DC a blizzard please. 10-12 feet of snow would be nice.

Smiley said...

what if i kill the rodent?