February 19, 2009

Little Known Fact

Angels don't really play harps. I mean, sure, some of them do. But it's not as common as you people think. We have all sorts of musical instruments up here. Some angels play trumpets, others play bagpipes, others play xylophones. Harpists are definitely a minority. In fact, the Heavenly Harpists band is only about half the size of the Krazy Kazooing Kherubs.


Cat said...

That's too bad. Harps are lovely.

Aussie Therese said...

my children like to ring bells for music. Do you have a very big bell band in Heaven?

Anonymous said...

dear Abba,

What??? No pianists???? Surely You jest!

Your devoted daughter,
Patricia Gonzalez

What in heaven's name is a "zodle" ??

Smiley said...

an organist you must have an organist and what about chant. i hope i dont see synths