April 23, 2009

Do-hay Ou-yay Understand-hay?

Pete and I like to talk to each other in a super secret language we made up so that no one else can understand what we're saying. Sometimes we like to pretend that we're spies and we have to use the secret language to deliver intel about secret missions. And sometimes we just use it to say mean things about Moses without him knowing.

When I got to work today there was a note from Pete in my inbox that said:

Od-gay ~ Euss-gay at-whay? Oses-may ucks-say. Ahahaha-hay! Ove-lay, Ete-pay.


nollyposh said...

i could teach you our family's secret language... but then id have to kill you... and whats a world without a God for heavens sake

oh and PS God Please fix my shift key the jokes gone on long enough and i hate not being able to exclamation mark/express myself
i seem so boring... sigh...

Lorrie Veasey said...

Dear God,

Mom always said she was speaking in tongues when she used your secret language to say things like: "etgay hethay uckfay niay edbay."

I used to resent her for it, but now I see she was just divine. (In the secular sense of course)