April 23, 2009

Stupid Newfangled Contraption

The Missus is a big fan of the home shopping network. She loves to see all the crazy stuff you guys are willing to pay just 9.95 + shipping and handling for. Unfortunately, every now and then she sees something she absolutely has to have. I told her that as long as it's not one of those creepy Marie Osmond dolls, she can have whatever she wants.

But that means I have days like today, days when I open to cupboard to get a bowl for my Count Chocula and find something like this:

What the...? What is this thing?!


Michelle said...


Miss Thystle said...

It looks like it's supposed to be in Mrs. God's closet for her "special alone time"

nollyposh said...


Lorrie Veasey said...

Hi God-
You are damning Thystle to hell for the suggestion that Mrs. God she-bops, right?

Beacsue that is SO OBVIOUSLY a vaccum...for dust bunnies.


PS Why does God need word verification on His blog?