April 17, 2009

Friday's Forgotten Commandment

Thou shalt not sit at thy desk and absent-mindedly click the top of thy clicky pen over and over and over and over again while thou thinkest about thy next move on Free Cell, for the constant little click-click-click-click-clicking is certain to lead those around thee straight down into Hell, although who could blame them for killing thee, really?


Miss Thystle said...

neither shall ye tap-tap-tap your nails upon the desk top lest you be slain by the angry redhead at the next desk.

Cassie The Great said...

In high school I had a really terrible physics teacher. A couple friends and I would incessantly click our pens under our desks and it really drove him nuts. It's not quite the same thing as absent-mindedly clicking while playing free-cell. And he was a really terrible teacher. And no one else in the class was bothered by it, in fact they all enjoyed the break from the lesson while he tore up and down the rows frothing at the mouth (not literally) trying to figure out who was clicking their pens.

Was I breaking this comandment? Or was that a different situation entirely wherein the clicking of the pen was totally justified? If I was breaking the commandment, what can I do to repent? Isn't that what people do when they've sinned?