April 16, 2009

I'm Not Doing It, I Swear!

Thursday is Poker Night.  Pete always shows, and then I usually invite a few guys from all over Heaven, and while they all think it's a big honor to be asked, nobody ever comes twice.  In fact, it's becoming increasingly difficult to get people to play, even though I promise to try really hard to not know what's in everybody's hand.

But sometimes it seems like even when I manage to switch off the omniscience, some sort of mystical magical force wants me to be dealt really good hands.  I mean, really good.  And it must be a truly magical force, because even I don't know how to stop it from making me win.  I don't know what that the force is, really.  Maybe it's The Force, like on Star Wars.


Val said...

You are a truly brilliant writer (Duh-of course you are, you're God)!
But I am so glad I stumbled upon this blog because your witty sense of humor and sometime-sarcasm just does not come across so well in your answers to my prayers. Anyway-just wanted you to know that I personally think you are totally an awesome God-and I'm not even a born-again.

Red Shoe Artist said...

Pfft, noooooo. You have to be a Jedi to have that kind of force. You got a long way to go before you can become a Jedi

And.... what she said ^

Darius said...

Aces high!