June 10, 2009


Some of you are still missing the point of the Forgivable Sin of the Day, so let me reiterate.

It's a one-day deal, kids. One day and one day only. For 24 hours from the time I post the Forgivable Sin of the Day, you are free to participate in said sin without fear of consequences. It doesn't mean I'll forgive past offenses, and it doesn't mean that it's no longer a sin in the future.

It's like a one-day sale. Just like the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale would be if it were just for one day instead of for two weeks. Yeah. Just like that.

By the way, thinking about the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale when the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale is not presently running is totally a forgivable sin year-round. But it's the only one.


Helen said...

So NtG is in big trouble, right?

nollyposh said...

Hey God, Have you ever read 'The Screw Tape Letters' by C S Lewis?
i think you would appreciate it... (You know with your sense of humor!)
...signed Your Humble Servant x

Nick the Geek said...

What, so I'm not forgiven for turning my eye lids inside out when I was a kid? I was young and foolish. I didn't know any better ... I won't do it again unless I thought it might be funny.

God said...

Dear Nick,

Sins committed in the name of humor aren't really sins.