June 11, 2009

I Want My MTV!

I've come up with a great idea. Seriously. Probably the best idea I've had since gravity (you don't even want to KNOW what a mess things were before that).

You know how I've been working on my songwriting? Well, I'm going to make a music video. See, there's this thing I found called the You Tube, where anybody who wants to can make a video and put it on the interweb for other people to see. Pete says there's even a way I can put a video right here on this blog, but he's been known to exaggerate.

So now all I have to do is shoot the video and have Pete show me how to put it on the You Tube. Oh, and I have to finish writing a song. See, I have a kind of a pattern when it comes to my music. I've never written a whole, complete song.

I don't know if it's because I'm just afraid of how awesome they will be or what, but I always get stuck partway through the songwriting process. It gets to a point where I just don't know how to finish it. Usually it's right after I come up with the title. Then I'm completely stumped.


Miss Thystle said...

I sincerely hope it's a rap song.

Cheryl said...

Yeah, any song written by You, God, would have to be awesome. Maybe you can inspire someone like Beyonce or Bono to write it for you? Anyone but a Christian rock singer! God no!

Belle Epoque said...

Listen to Slayer, God...their lyrics warrant a rebuttal from you anyways, and it's taking you long enough.

nollyposh said...

GOD on u tube... This i GOTTA sEE!