June 3, 2009

What's In A Name, Anyway?

Heaven is a big place, and always getting bigger, it seems. With all the new people moving in all the time, it's amazing that we're able to keep pace with accomodating all of them. We build about 87,000 houses a day.

There are lots of regions in Heaven. Within each region are lots of different boroughs, and within each borough are lots of different neighborhoods. Sometimes, the angel in charge of new development in a specific neighborhood has to oversee the creation of six or seven different streets in a single day. It can be hard to be creative when it comes to naming streets. We have 837 Elm Streets, for crying out loud.

The other day a few new residents came to complain to me. They were less than thrilled that when they arrived in Heaven they were assigned houses on 3.14159265358979 Avenue. I told them that around here, we pronounce it 'pi', but they still thought it was ridiculous for them to have to remember that street name every time they had to write down their address.

I told them it could be a lot worse. We could have sent them to live on Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia Lane.


Marni said...

I'm not gonna complain about my street name. Just please don't put me in family and pets section. I've had my fill of cracking my shins on the scooters on the front porch and roaming cats using my flower beds as public toilets. You understand, right?

Ryan said...

Can I have a street named after me? I think it would be pretty cool to live on "Ryan Shattuck Boulevard."

Just kidding. I think we all know I'm going to hell.

katdish said...

Nothing to say...

Just laughing.