July 2, 2009

Bigger And Better Things

Check it out, guys. I've spent the last few days putting together something I think you'll like - a brand new home for my blog. I've never made a website before, so it was a little time-consuming. In fact, I've had to put pretty much everything else off while I was working on it, which makes me feel just a little bit bad.

You can still read my blog archives here, but be sure to change your bookmarks to the (much easier to remember) new website:

Phew! Now that that project's done, I can finally take some time to do the important things, like go play frisbee with Bandit.


I know.  I know.   I'm working on it.  I'm having a few problems with my publishing software, but as soon as the kinks get worked out the new website will be AWESOME.  I promise.


Kenna said...

Where the HELL are you?!