January 8, 2009

Big News!

Guess what, guys? I won the lottery - in Malaysia! I didn't even know I had entered the lottery in Malaysia, but I just got an email telling me that I won!

I'm pretty excited. I mean, I'm obviously not going to collect it (we don't use money here in Heaven, remember?) but it's still pretty cool that I won. What are the odds?


Miss Thystle said...

Can I have it then? I promise to be good.

CJ Sime said...

Wow, there must be an abundance of blessings because I got an email a few days ago saying a random old guy in California selected various people to get part of his fortune! All I had to do is call a 1-900 number and give some personal info. I haven't done it yet, but it is on my to do list.

Congratulations on the lottery!