January 22, 2009

Don't Tell

I had a special prayer request from one of my sons asking that I don't let him find out what happened on "Lost" this week because he had to work and missed it.

So be sure you don't tell him how awesome it was. Oh, and don't tell him about how Hurley got arrested. Or how Sun met up with Charles Widmore to talk about killing Ben. Or how Kate is once again on the lam. Or how Faraday was part of the Dhama Initiative. Or how Locke went back in time and Ethan shot him. Or how Sawyer and Juliette and everybody else got attacked with flaming arrows. Or how Desmond is supposed to go to Oxford to find Faraday's mother.

Really, don't say anything. I'd hate if the surprise was ruined for him.


Miss Thystle said...

You're seriously the best dad ever!