February 26, 2009

OMMe! Now I Get It!

I can't believe it took me so long to figure it out.


Okay, let me back up. Somebody just twittered this link which shows how the first Harry Potter movie is just like the first Star Wars movie. And it got me thinking. What other stories are like Harry Potter? Then it struck me! Moses!

Think about it. Both of their mothers saved them from somebody trying to kill them as babies. They were both put in baskets and raised in a family that already had a son about their age. They were both told by huge dudes with awesome beards (though mine is way thicker and fluffier than Hagrid's) that they were destined to be something more. Both of them then left their adopted families to be with people like them. They both wore robes. They both got magic sticks that made all sorts of cool stuff happen. They both did crazy stuff with snakes. They both ended up saving everybody from an evil villain who used a fancy title instead of his real name.

The similarities are uncanny! No wonder Moses thinks he's so cool.


// e // said...

I feel REALLY good about this. Really good.