August 12, 2009

Maybe It's Time To Lower Your Expectations

I always feel a little bit bad for the people who come up here expecting to see the friends and family that came before them waiting at the gates. I mean, in the entire History of Time, I've only seen that happen twice. And both times it was really weird and awkward.

It's the whole "eternity" concept. Even though your family and friends haven't seen you in a while, and they know you're coming, there's no real rush. They're going to have FOREVER to catch up with you. Usually it's at least a few days, and sometimes a few decades, before they get around to welcoming you to Heaven. Really, though, it's nothing to feel sad about. Once you're up here for a couple of days and you haven't seen a single familiar face and you're starting to worry that they're all Down Under, you'll start to get it.